REJOICE // Winter 2018

I am thrilled to introduce our Winter 2018 collection: REJOICE.



to feel joy or great delight

Instead of just decking your walls, create a sanctuary. Serve hot cocoa in a place of peace. Invite in neighbors to recover from holiday bustle and chaotic loneliness. Slow down among the twinkle lights to see the Light pushing back darkness. Slow down to REJOICE in a weary world needing peace. A lot to ask of some humble macramé, but my desire is that these pieces accompany a mission of hospitality and Hope.

I am drawn to the warm calm created by layering textured neutrals to a cozy winter home. I’m also all about choosing seasonal decor that can be used for both holidays and the everyday.



The wreaths in this collection offer a minimalist beauty that won’t compete for visual balance. But they are striking enough to hold their own in any vignette. I think they look just as gorgeous against a crisp white wall as they do on deeply colored front door.



Ornaments hold a special place in my heart. We pick out special ones for our family each year and they bring me such happiness rediscovering favorites year after year as we trim the tree. Give ornaments alone as a sweet token of thoughtfulness or use them as a gorgeous gift topper to round out a special present.

I am grateful for the opportunity to send my work to so many spaces.

Thank you for the opportunity to create and share.

xo, Annalea

Our Cyber Week Sale will begin 11/20. Stay tuned for more information on amazing deals and super special offers.

A few important reminders as we approach ROPE & ROOT’s busiest season of the year.

Please keep in mind that all of our items are handmade by Annalea. In order to be good stewards of the raw materials, we make most pieces to order. Expect 1-2 weeks to knot up your goods before shipping.

Because we are a small family business who celebrates Advent, we have the following restrtictions on our holiday orders. Orders placed by 12/10 are guaranteed to arrive by 12/24. No orders will be shipped after 12/15. Digital gift cards will be available until 12/21. The shop will be closed from 12/22- 1/6.

A portion of every ROPE & ROOT order is donated to Shine School Partnership.

And so it begins...

After years of living in the waiting spaces of dreams deferred, today opens to a new chapter. We welcome you to ROPE & ROOT, our tiny corner of the creative marketplace. An online store plus a local family business. A place to create, grow, inspire and teach. Thank you for joining us.